Youth Development Photography- "Shoot for Success"

Our mission is to empower disadvantage at-risk teenagers through photography by providing them a platform to express their thoughts and feelings in a new positive way; which results in them experiencing less stress and making more positive choices for their lives.

We don’t just give teenagers cameras and tell them to shoot. We place them in a creative yet challenging and safe environment surrounded by quality teaching artist, and caring adult mentors. Through photography we help our students use their voice, find their identity, be creative, and gain new confidence in their worth and abilities. All of these skills and attributes can have a positive affect on other areas of their lives.

We are artist who put cameras in the hands of at-risk youth and teach them  how to shoot for success. Nobody loves creating a safe environment filled with self expression, trust and support for youth through photography more than we do. Our impact is empowering youth to use their voice in a positive way and gain self-confidence, as they learn new skills and find their identity, and what is important to them.